So the page is a bit of work in progress but I wanted to get the ball rolling on sending updates on my training and racing in 2016. The major impetus for starting this up is to have a single forum to share my training program, races, cool stuff I use, and of course all the travel Carly and I embark on now that we’re living in London!!

After a long 2015 summer of sprints, olympics and a half ironman I have a much smaller race docket with Exmoor 70.3 in late June and the 70.3 World Championships in Australia in early September.  I’m looking forward to focusing on the longer distance and the challenges that come in training for 70.3 races while balancing the travel opportunities provided by our new home.

I’ll try and share the in’s and out’s of my training routine, tricks I’ve learned along the way, race day reports, as well as all the little missteps and adventures that happen along the way as I juggling work, play and enjoying time with family and friends.

Always love to hear from people and chat about training, racing and everything that comes in between. Thanks again for stopping by and I’m looking forward to sharing the upcoming year with you all!!