These are some of the great products that I use every day. Not paid or sponsored, just the things or services I use in training and racing.

As of August 2017 I’ve started to  work with Brad Williams at KIS Coaching.  Looking forward to push my myself to faster times over the coming months!


If my accent wasn’t enough to turn a few heads my custom painted Dimond will. I freakin love this bike, always grin ear to ear when I’m riding

#letthemchaseyou #gohokies




Second to none when you want a smooth drivetrain. Blake at SLF will get your machine running smooth and looking great.



For as long as I’ve been involved with triathlons the races have been a great excuse to travel. Whether close to home or around the world my bikes have always

been tucked safely inside my Ruster Hen House. A few years and thousands of miles later I’ve yet to pay for an overside bag fee!

Living in cities like London  and Boston training can be tough especially with the tough winters and city traffic. With all my training for the bike is done indoors (I’ve ridden outside five times in the last year, including my three races) my Stages Powermeter, Trainerroad, Zwift and my Tacx Neo Smart have been amazing tools for setting my workouts and keeping me in check during the long Saturday rides.



One of the first substantial purchases I ever made was a Garmin 910xt. Years (and an added Garmin 500) later the watch has been a bombproof companion capturing all my workouts data no matter how awful it might have felt (or actually been).

Thousands upon thousands of miles over the years and I’ve always trusted Asics to keep my feet injury free and looking sharp. 

My race shoe of choice for the past couple of seasons has been the GoMeb. If anyone had ever told me I’d be racing in a pair of Skechers when I was in High School I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face. For many season now Skechers have been my race shoe of choice!

I need all the help I can get on the swim and my Blue Seventy suit has always been good for a few extra seconds per 100m on race day! Or maybe its just the adrenaline…

With all the time spent in the pool trying to progress beyond the doggie paddle I go through more than a few googles, swim jammers and fins.

Speedo and TYR have always kept me looking good and feeling fast in the pool (but mainly looking good).

One of the many things I’m still figuring out is proper nutrition and hydration while racing but I have discovered that staying hydrated throughout the week with nuun and hiding a couple Honey Stinger Gels in my running shorts or bento box always helps get me through the race a little quicker!