Given I still owe a Kona report I figured one way to help get back into this is a quick 2019 mileage recap. I didnt race very much in 2019 with two bucket list races being the focus of the season.

Before training really even began I had to deal with a hernia and had surgery in February. I was careful (with a lot of shaming from Carly) in taking my time to get back into training. I really didnt want to over do it to quickly and risk re-injuring with no time to recover before Roth or Kona.

You can see the dive in February/March with the slow progression to Roth and then build up to Kona with another post Kona dive.

Fitness over 2019
Fitness as of Hernia Surgery
Post Surgery Low Point
Challenge Roth
Kona WC

My totals for training over (entire) the year are as follows:

I added another 1061 miles and about 83 hours commuting to and from work over the year as well. I’m actaully a bit surprised at the commuting number and I expected it to be higher given how often (or at least I believed how often) I commute to work on my bike.

Looking at other athletes that race at a similar level to myself I’d say I’m (generally) working with less volume. This certainly seems to be the case with the bike but given I’m doing all my training rides indoors (save 3-5 over the year) I’m being quite focused with that time and avoiding garbage miles.

Not having the race I wanted in Kona I was hopful that I could retain some of that fitness over the winter so I’m a little bummed that I let so much slip away from October to January. That said I was still able to run a 1:18 half marathon mid December with very, very very little training. But the body, and the mind needs rest and I’m sure that recovery time will allow me to push forward all the better now. That said, in the past weeks I’ve already started to quickly recover some of the fitness and if I continue to train smart over the next months I should be in great position for 2020.

Looking ahead I’ve got a great slate of races that have me focused and with some very specific goals the coming year should be fun and fast!